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Cesarean Recovery and Belly Binding
Cesarean Recovery and Belly Binding
Abdomen binding is an archaic tool for cesarean recovery and postpartum abdominal support. Compression brings fibers together, diminishes swelling and tears in the incision and also affords some protection for the cut. Soft abdominal binders help supporttothe changing figure throughout pregnancy, vaginal birth &; c-section recovery.

You are entitled to support and protection at this precious time, but the venerable healing art of binding is less well known in these modern times as i discovered right after my own emergency cesarean. Before birth belly binders support the weight of the child and the body, which reduces the weight for the skin and elongated abdominal muscles. If there isn't enough support or silica or elastic qualities to the skin, stretch marks will happen.

Cesarean birth requires special recovery care, as an operation is stressful, painful and now a new baby requires your loving attention. Binding will diminish your pain, make it easier to climb out of bed and be mobile, and help your incision heal well.

The first time I rolled over to get up after c-section , I felt as if my insides were going to fall out. Binding supports your belly so it feels safe to get up and move around. Compression will protect and support your incision to bond and heal and will diminish scar tissue. Most mothers do not understand that the physician will cut into 6 layers within the belly, before stretching open the stomach muscles to remove the baby. It is the fascia that surrounds the muscles which is cut, and then the 6 layers are sutured (sewed) together again. For any birth, the uterus and intestines also benefit from support, as they shrinks and moves back into place. With binding you avoid the sense of being unsupported, vulnerable to gravity and afraid to walk.

obviously even when using abdominal binding in your c-section recovery, don't do something that causes additional pain, and avoid wrapping yourself too tightly. Bindingisn't about constriction, it is about support. Being considerate and easy with yourself through the early postpartum months will help you heal better for later, when life gets busier.

Binding simultaneously assists body organs to revert to their initial size and place. Bladder, intestinal and reproductive complications are possible after a cesarean and other abdominal surgeries. The support of binding also means less incision tearing, resulting in less scar tissue, inside and out. As a consequence you will experience fewer secondary complications in the future, and have a discreet scar. Belly binding decreases incision tearing and infections that trigger potential abdominal adhesions, painful periods, and a misshapen and disproportionate scar.

A few hospitals do give post surgery binders, but they are in general inflexible and not very soft, as a result uncomfortable and causing irritation to the skin. When I had my emergency cesarean the hospital gave me ... a bandage! With a cut six layers deep all the way to your uterus, can you imagine having to wrap a bandage around your middle over and over to achieve the effect of c-section belt?

Make sure you are well prepared and plan in advance to make certain you have the optimum cesarean recovery possible by buying a c-section belt beforehand and taking itwhen you go in for your childbirth.

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